Pointy Blank Blank

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Pointy Blank Blank

Most of my work stems from a place of complete randomness. Often, I start pieces with very little insight into what I'm trying to create, and I like that. Art is not always something you can see, but, instead, something you have to create to see it.

Pointy Blank Blank doesn't fit into the description above. I woke up one day with the sincere desire, nay, NEED, to produce a neat, colorful, and unique Pointy Blank Blank. You know, like the masters did.

Just kidding, this piece is a glaring example of my sometimes troubling approach to canvas painting: throw shit at it and make sure the lines are straight.

Abstract art. :)

Charcoal, Pastels, Spray Paint, and Latex Paint
18 x 14 1/2 in | 45.72 x 36.83 cm

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