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King For A Day


I was going to write something funny about this one, but, I can't. This piece was kind of the "I'm really going to go for this artist thing" breaking point for me. I was in a pretty dark place and had not produced something I was proud of in some time. I took a risk and bought the biggest canvas I've ever purchased (needed a truck to move it to my house and the studio) and stared at it for four months.

I didn't think I was ever going to do anything with it. Hell, I didn't think I was going to be an artist for much longer either. But then, one night in my teeny studio at Mutiny Artwrx, I got this flash of inspiration and just said: "fuck it."

The result is what you see here. "King For A Day" is actually referring to me, on the day of the painting, when I felt invincible and powerful. I suppose the ironic spin on this is since I made this piece, I've felt a lot better and I've been a king for much more than a day.

Latex Paint, Acrylic Paint, Charcoal, Pastels, Bleach
4 x 5ft | 1.22 x 1.52 m

If you are local, don't buy this here. Contact me on Instagram @zjg_art or via email at zach@artisntdead.com.